A2 Key (KET) >> Real World Multiple Choice Worksheets >> The first part of the A2 Key reading paper is multiple choice, where students read six real-world notices, messages and other short texts and choose the best answer for each question.

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A2 Key

Real World Multiple Choice Worksheet 10

Choose the best answer for each question.


Text Message

Hey Jenny, do you know where the stapler is? I can't find it anywhere. - Mark

  1. Mark has found a stapler.
  2. Mark is looking for a stapler.
  3. Mark knows Jenny has taken the stapler.



John, I'm free in my office tomorrow afternoon for a chat. Could we meet? Thanks, Boss.

  1. The boss wants to have a chat with John today.
  2. John is having a meeting with the boss outside the office.
  3. Meet the boss in his office tomorrow afternoon.




Flash Sale! Buy one get one free on all t-shirts today.

  1. There is a sale on t-shirts.
  2. There is a sale on all items.
  3. You get a free t-shirt with every purchase.



Dear Sam, Just letting you know I've baked some biscuits. Feel free to pop by and get some. Cheers, Mum.

  1. Visit Mum if you need some baking advice.
  2. Visit Mum if you want some home-made biscuits.
  3. Visit Mum if you want to give her some biscuits.




Sewing services by Emma in Room 32. Reasonable prices! Phone: 07666 444333.

  1. Emma offers sewing services.
  2. Emma will make new socks for you.
  3. Emma will teach you how to sew better.



Hey Sam, you left your lunch in the fridge. Don't forget it before you go to work! Mum.

What should Sam do?

  1. Buy lunch on his way to work.
  2. Take his lunch from the fridge before leaving.
  3. Tell his mum to prepare his lunch.

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