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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 8

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

Flying Doctors in Australia

Flying Doctors in Australia are very special. They help people in isolated places because Australia is big with many remote areas. There are many areas that are far from cities and the usual clinics and hospitals. They have few doctors. This is why Flying Doctors are important. Flying Doctors fly in planes and take medical help to these remote places. This is the most important thing that they do. They see people who are sick or hurt. They can also take people to hospitals in cities.

One health official, Diane Abbott, says a lot about this. She says, "Flying Doctors are heroes. They bring hope to far places." She tells us how they help in emergencies. "They save lives," Diane says. "Without them, many people would suffer."

Flying Doctors use small planes and these planes can land on short runways. They carry medicines and medical tools. They also have equipment for emergencies. The service started many years ago. It was an idea by Reverend John Flynn. He wanted to help people in remote places. Now, the service helps thousands every year.

Flying Doctors also teach people about health. They show them how to stay healthy. They visit schools and communities and do phone calls and video calls with people far away. They share important health information.

Diane Abbott says, "They do more than just treat people. They are part of our community." Her words show how important Flying Doctors are. They are a big help in Australia's remote areas.

249 words

1. What is the main job of the Flying Doctors in Australia?

  1. Looking after people far away.
  2. Fixing planes that work for the health service.
  3. Picking up people in planes.

2. Why are Flying Doctors needed in remote areas?

  1. The people's hospitals are old.
  2. The people live a long way from hospitals and doctors.
  3. The people do dangerous jobs.

3. What does Diane Abbott think about the Flying Doctors?

  1. They offer a good service cheaply.
  2. They are very important.
  3. They should be paid more money.

4. Besides treating people, what else do the Flying Doctors do?

  1. Teach courses.
  2. Sports training.
  3. Health education.

5. What would Diane say about flying doctors?

  1. They are important parts of modern society.
  2. They are an important part of the past.
  3. We need more of them.

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