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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 7

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

The Brainy Bird

Crows are very smart birds, famous for their brains. They live all around the world and people are amazed by how clever they are. These birds can use tools, which is special for birds. They use sticks to get food and this shows they can think well and solve problems.

Dr. Alex Turner, a bird expert, says, "Crows are amazing because they use tools and this is not very common for birds."

Crows are good at understanding things. They know what happens if they do something. This is called logic. It shows they are clever. They are also good at talking to each other. They make different sounds to say different things. This helps them work together and stay safe.

"Crows talk to each other in their own way," says Dr. Turner. "They can tell each other about danger." This is important for them.

Crows live together in groups. These groups are called murders. Being in a group helps them find food and look after each other. When they are in large groups, they feel safe and they can get the things they need much more easily.

They remember faces and places well. They know who is kind and who is not. This helps them stay away from danger.

Dr. Turner thinks crows are very interesting. "They always surprise us with how smart they are," he says. Crows show us how amazing birds can be.

235 words

1. What are crows known for?

  1. Their black colour.
  2. Living in large groups.
  3. Their intelligence.

2. What is special about crows using tools?

  1. No other birds do this.
  2. It helps them to communicate.
  3. It's not common.

3. How do crows communicate with each other?

  1. With sounds.
  2. With their wings.
  3. By moving their heads.

4. What is one benefit of living in large groups?

  1. Security.
  2. Being warm.
  3. Not being lonely.

5. Why is it good for crows to remember faces and places?

  1. They get more food.
  2. They stay safe.
  3. It helps communication.

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