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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 6

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

The Hedgehog

The hedgehog is a small, interesting animal. It is known for its spiky back. Hedgehogs are found in gardens and forests. They are very special creatures.

Hedgehogs eat different kinds of food. They like insects and worms. Sometimes, they eat fruit and vegetables. Their diet is varied and helps them stay healthy.

A wildlife expert, Dr. Emily Ford, says, "Hedgehogs have a unique diet. They play a key role in controlling garden pests. This is important for the environment."

Hedgehogs make their homes in quiet places. They like areas with leaves and branches. These materials are good for building nests. A hedgehog's home is cosy and safe. In the winter, hedgehogs do something interesting. They hibernate. This means they sleep for a long time. Hibernation helps them survive the cold.

"Hibernation is vital for hedgehogs," explains Dr. Ford. "It helps them conserve energy during winter. This is when food is scarce."

Hedgehogs are mostly active at night. This is called being nocturnal. They search for food in the dark. It's safer for them this way. Hedgehogs have good senses. They can hear and smell very well. These senses help them find food. They are clever animals.

Sadly, hedgehogs face some problems. Their numbers are going down. This is due to changes in the places where they live. People can help by making gardens safe for them.

Dr. Ford suggests, "Creating a friendly space for hedgehogs can make a big difference." We can all help these special animals. They are an important part of nature.

251 words

1. Why is the hedgehog famous?

  1. It is very large.
  2. It has a spiky back.
  3. It has colourful fur.

2. What is the best thing to give a hedgehog to eat?

  1. Some chicken.
  2. Some chocolate.
  3. An apple.

3. Why are hedgehogs important for gardens, according to Dr. Emily Ford?

  1. Because of the holes they dig.
  2. They make the garden look pretty.
  3. Because of what they eat.

4. What do hedgehogs do during winter?

  1. They eat very different foods.
  2. They sleep.
  3. They change colour.

5. How can people help hedgehogs?

  1. Making changes in their gardens.
  2. Giving money to hedgehog charities.
  3. Giving them food.

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