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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 12

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

The Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a dog breed with a strong reputation. Many people think they are aggressive, but they can also be very caring. Their personality is often not understood well.

Rottweilers look strong and can be protective. They might seem scary, but they are usually loving. They are loyal to their families and are good pets. They seem aggressive sometimes because often they are trained to be that way, not because they are bad.

These dogs are smart and learn quickly. They like positive training, which means being kind when you teach them. When they are trained well, Rottweilers are gentle and friendly. They like to play and are kind to people they know.

Rottweilers care a lot about their families. They want to keep them safe. They work as guard dogs because they are strong and smart. But they are also happy living with a family where people love them. Rottweilers are confident and calm dogs. They need to play and learn new things. This keeps them happy and stops them from being naughty.

It's important to understand Rottweilers properly. They are not usually aggressive, but they do like to protect. With good training and a loving home, they are great friends. They show us that the way a dog behaves depends a lot on how it is raised and trained.

217 words

1. What do many people wrongly think about Rottweilers?

  1. They are friendly.
  2. They are aggressive.
  3. They are not intelligent.

2. Why do Rottweilers sometimes seem aggressive?

  1. Because they are scared.
  2. Because of their training.
  3. Because they are always angry.

3. Why do Rottweilers make good guard dogs?

  1. Because they bark a lot.
  2. Because they don't like people.
  3. Because they are strong and smart.

4. What kind of training do Rottweilers not respond well to?

  1. Angry and negative.
  2. Positive.
  3. Kind.

5. What makes Rottweilers good at being guard dogs?

  1. Running fast.
  2. Making loud noises.
  3. Being strong and clever.

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