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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 10

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

The Child Baker

John, a young boy from the USA, has a unique hobby. He loves making bread with his mother. It's an activity they both enjoy and bond over. For John, baking is not just fun; it's a passion.

John's journey into baking started when he was six. His mother introduced him to the basics of bread making. "I remember mixing flour and water for the first time," John recalls. "It was exciting to see the ingredients turn into dough."

The process of making bread fascinates John. He learns about different types of flour and how yeast makes the bread rise. "Watching the dough rise is like magic," he says with a smile. Each step in the process, from kneading the dough to seeing it transform in the oven, brings him joy.

John's mother is proud of his interest in baking. "John has always been curious about how things work," she says. "Baking bread together has been a wonderful way to teach him patience and precision."

Baking has become a special part of their weekly routine. They spend hours in the kitchen, trying new recipes. John says, "I love the smell of bread baking in the oven. It's the best part of baking!"

John dreams of becoming a professional baker one day. "I want to bake all kinds of bread," he shares enthusiastically. For now, he's content learning and experimenting with his mother.

John's story is a reminder that hobbies can be a source of learning and happiness. His love for baking bread shows how simple pleasures can bring great joy. As he continues to bake and learn, his skills and passion for the craft only grow stronger.

276 words

1. What aspect of baking excites John the most?

  1. Mixing different ingredients.
  2. Seeing the dough rise.
  3. Trying new recipes.

2. What does John's mother say he needs to be when he is baking?

  1. Quick.
  2. Greedy.
  3. Patient.

3. What type of bread does he like making?

  1. He's always trying new recipes.
  2. The first bread that his mother made with him.
  3. A special foreign bread.

4. What is John's dream for the future?

  1. To open his own bakery.
  2. To teach baking to others.
  3. To become a professional baker.

5. What does John's story highlight about hobbies?

  1. They are a way to make new friends.
  2. We can learn from them.
  3. We can save money.

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