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Reading Multiple Choice Worksheet 1

Read the text and then for each question, choose which of the three possible answers is best. Think also about why the other three answers are not possible.

Hambledon House: A Glimpse into History

Hambledon House, a majestic stately home, stands in the UK countryside. Built over two centuries ago, it holds many stories. The house was constructed in 1805. It was the dream of Sir James Hambledon, a lover of art and beauty. He sold two big houses in London and moved to the country and built the huge, impressive Hambledon House.

This historic home was once a hub of activity. It was famous for the large social events and gatherings it held. The parties were legendary. People from far and wide admired its elegance. The gardens were a special highlight, known for their vibrant flowers.

Inside, Hambledon House boasted a vast library. It was filled with rare and valuable books. The house served as a cultural and educational centre. During wartime, it transformed into a home for those in need.

"The house has seen so much," says Emma Clark, a historian who works at Hambledon House. "From grand celebrations to providing shelter in tough times, it's a symbol of endurance and change."

Post-war, the house required extensive restoration. Today, it's a popular destination for visitors. They explore its historical and architectural beauty. The house showcases period furniture and artwork. The gardens have been lovingly restored to their original splendour.

Hambledon House is more than a historical landmark. It's a living museum, narrating tales of the past. Visitors of all ages come to learn and look. It remains a testament to the enduring spirit of history and culture.

236 words

1. When was Hambledon House built?

  1. In the 18th century.
  2. In the 17th century.
  3. In the 19th century.

2. How did Sir James Hambledon get the money to build Hambledon House?

  1. By selling art.
  2. By holding parties.
  3. By selling other property.

3. What was Hambledon House famous for in the past?

  1. Its large parties.
  2. Its big library.
  3. Being a place for people to relax.

4. What did they do to Hambledon House after the war?

  1. Turned it into a hotel.
  2. They fixed it and made it look nice again.
  3. Rebuilt it again from zero.

5. What do people do when they visit Hambledon House now?

  1. Buy old things
  2. Go to parties
  3. Learn about the past

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