IELTS >> Academic Reading >> In the Academic module of the IELTS exam, there are three reading passages with a total of 40 questions spread across a wide variety of reading comprehension exercises: gap fill, paragraph matching, multiple choice, open questions, etc.

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IELTS Academic Reading - Worksheet 30

Choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D for each question.

1. Why did Jackie's father miss her wedding?
a. he was in another state
b. her mother devised a plan
c. he was angry at her choice of husband
d. he went to buy whisky

2. Jackie once joked that being constantly pregnant
a. made her more sympathetic to the political media
b. helped win her husband votes
c. kept her away from the day to day routine of political campaigning
d. kept her at the centre of attention

3. Why was the American public suprised by her marrying a Greek shipping businessman?
a. Onassis had always been negative towards the US
b. Onassis wasn't very wealthy
c. he'd been friendly with Kennedy before his assassination
d. she was the widow of an American institution

4. How did she use the wealth of her new husband?
a. to support charities she believed in
b. to create a private, reclusive life
c. to buy fine arts and antiques
d. to preserve the memory of her first husband Premium

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