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IELTS Academic Reading - Worksheet 19

Complete the summary using the list of words, A-L, below. For each space, write only the correct letter.

It is on the Seregenti, modern home to huge _______ of animals, that the ancient _______ of man, Homo Erectus, is likely to have roamed. In one part of the Serengeti, anthropologists dicovered bones of ancient animals and the complete _______ of an early type of human-like hominid, complete with large teeth. They also discovered a huge array of stone _______, which were used for a variety of purposes.

Elsewhere, other stone implements have been discovered as well as evidence of the _______ that they were taken from. These are suprisingly deep and complex and it's not even clear how the people of that period were able to climb up and down them, although some type of _______ was likely used. It's at this time that many important discoveries were made such as weaving, crop farming and the _______ of animals.

  1. Space 1 - C
  2. Space 2 - G
  3. Space 3 - L
  4. Space 4 - B
  5. Space 5 - J
  6. Space 6 - I
  7. Space 7 - E Premium

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