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IELTS Academic Reading - Worksheet 7

Complete the summary using the list of words, A-O, below. For each space, write only the correct letter.

Forest fires are devastating and lead to a _______ in the quality of the environment. They ruin the natural beauty of areas and are less attractive to campers, _______ and other visitors. A huge number of healthy, young trees are lost every year to fires. Blackened areas full of _______ have to be replanted and this is expensive.

Although _______, such as lightning, are behind some forest fires, the vast majority are caused by people. Many are set deliberately in acts of arson. Others are started by careless burning of rubbish, discarded matches and _______, campfires or use of machines and equipment in the forests.

To prevent these fires, we must do more. We must let forest officials know of anyone's suspicious behaviour in order to avoid repeated _______ of arson. If we want to have a campfire or get rid of rubbish or debris by burning it, we have to choose a calm windless day, clear the ground of dried wood and grass, and get the relevant _______ if required. If we smoke, we must be absolutely positive that our hot matches or cigarettes are not thrown into places that can cause a fire.

  1. Space 1 - M
  2. Space 2 - K
  3. Space 3 - O
  4. Space 4 - H
  5. Space 5 - A
  6. Space 6 - F
  7. Space 7 - C
  1. reduction
  2. hikers
  3. charred trees
  4. natural causes
  5. cigarettes
  6. acts
  7. permission Premium

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