B2 First (FCE) >> Word Formation Worksheets >> The third part of the Use of English paper in the First Certificate Examination is word formation where students use a root such as 'able' and create an appropriate word (disable, unable, ability) to fill the gap in a text.

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Vocabulary Formation Worksheet 7 - Answer Sheet

For each question, fill the space or spaces in the sentence using the base word given in bold below. The required word may be a noun, adverb, adjective or verb and it may be either positive (e.g. helpful) or negative (e.g. unhelpful).

1. There will be a special __SAFETY__ meeting tomorrow morning at 9a.m which everyone has to attend.

2. The modernisation of the factory __DOUBLED__ productivity but unfortunately, many people lost their jobs.

3. All students must take English and Mathematics. Then they must choose two other courses, but the course in International Relations is __OPTIONAL__.

4. It is my dream to work in the ship-building industry but unfortunately, there is so much __UNEMPLOYMENT__ around that I may have to alter my ambitions.

5. Too much of the food we eat nowadays is full of chemicals and other __ADDITIVES__.

6. Come to my house tomorrow, __PREFERABLY__ as early as possible.

7. I do like your new friend Jasper. He tells the funniest jokes and seems to be a very __ENTERTAINING__ young man.

8. He has just asked me for money again. That's the __THIRD__ time and he doesn't seem to understand the word "no"!

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