B2 First (FCE) >> Word Formation Worksheets >> The third part of the Use of English paper in the First Certificate Examination is word formation where students use a root such as 'able' and create an appropriate word (disable, unable, ability) to fill the gap in a text.

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Vocabulary Formation Worksheet 19

For each question, fill the space or spaces in the sentence using the base word given in bold below. The required word may be a noun, adverb, adjective or verb and it may be either positive (e.g. helpful) or negative (e.g. unhelpful).

1. He counted on her ______________ to get him through such a tough time.

2. The little boy cried at the ______________ of his mother's treatment. He hadn't done anything.

3. ______________ links around the city will need to be improved before the Olympics can be held.

4. Police spoke to three ______________ who had seen the accident.

5. The spelling of each word is fine, but the sentence makes no ______________ sense.

6. After suffering years of poverty and ______________, the family inherited some money and began to prosper.

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