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Four Letters To Neighbours

Answer the questions 1-9 by referring to the letters written by neighbours below. Choose from the list of neighbours(A-D) for each question. Some of the choices may be required more than once.

Which neighbour ... (A-D):

  1. Hasn't met the neighbour he/she is writing to?
  2. Has a spouse who would like to take sterner action?
  3. Doesn't make any sort of threat about future action?
  4. Is worried about their own pet?
  5. Is writing the letter for legal reasons?
  6. Writes about how a problem with the neighbour caused a traumatic situation for a family member?
  7. Doesn't live in a house?
  8. Talks about how the layout of the properties worsens the problem?
  9. Has a problem which affected a visiting family member?
A. Darren
B. Samantha
C. Terry
D. Debbie


Hello, it's Darren at number 6. I've noticed three times this week that our parking space has been taken. I've mentioned this before and you kept to your own space for a few weeks. Last week, your daughter's red Fiat was in our space for the whole of Sunday afternoon. I know she visits you every weekend and it's not always easy to find somewhere to park. But it's equally unfair to cause problems to us. My mother-in-law came to visit on the same day and she had to park quite some distance away. I will contact the council if this happens again. One other thing I wanted to mention, it's just a silly thing but it drives my wife crazy. There's a small hole in the fence between our two gardens and our Tommy has got through there into your garden three or four times. Maybe he's been chasing your cat! I think I'm right in believing that fence is your legal responsibility, so could you get that hole fixed as soon as possible. I would hate to think what would happen if Tommy went out of your gate, which is usually open, and got onto the road.


Hi, my name is Samantha and I live on the floor below you. I wanted to chat to you this morning, but there was no answer when I knocked on the door. I've only been here for a couple of weeks, so wouldn't like to cause any problems. It's just that someone in your place is playing music very loudly. I understand you have a son who's about sixteen years old: perhaps it's him? The problem is that his room is directly above my young daughter's bedroom and it means she can't sleep with so much noise. The other night, the music was being played after midnight and she was woken up and got very confused and frightened about what was happening. She's only six years old! We don't expect to live in a library and it's normal to expect a certain level of noise when there are so many people living close together. I would just like to request that the volume is kept down a little and that music is not played too late. I will come round and try to speak to you face to face about this at the weekend.


Hello, Terry at number 42 again. I'm tired of writing these silly little notes to you. Yes, it's your cat again! If you don't do something about this problem, I will report you. If it was up to my wife, this would have already happened! This whole situation is becoming ridiculous. I am not responsible for telling you about your sick cat every few weeks. Do something or I can report you for animal cruelty. I went out into our garden the other night, about midnight, and your poor cat was on our lawn once again. It looked very ill and it had obviously been sick. Your cat is not old and you told me last time that it didn't have any known condition, so why does it keep coming into our garden in such a state? Only two weeks ago, my young son found your cat in our shed and he ran into the house in tears. Please take your cat to the vet and get it checked out, it clearly has something wrong with it and I don't want to see it in our garden anymore.


Hello Mr. Alston, it's Debbie your neighbour. I was told that I should write to you about this problem, so that I have something in black and white. As I have mentioned before, your apple tree is starting to cause real problems with the wall that runs between our two properties. I think it's the roots. That is what an expert told me. He said the roots were very close to the surface and they were starting to damage the wall. We paid a lot of money to build that wall less than three years ago and you will remember, at the time, we told you the tree was going to cause problems. You told me that if that happened, you would do something about the tree, perhaps to cut it down. Well, here we are three years later and the wall is being very much damaged. What are you going to do about it? My husband said if nothing is done, he will be going to the council to force you to get rid of the tree. I would prefer it doesn't come to that point and that you will see sense and help us avoid a bigger issue.

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