B2 First (FCE) >> Gapped Text Reading Worksheets >> The second part of the B2 First Reading section is gapped text - a single page of text with some numbered gaps which represent missing sentences. After the text there are some sentences which are not in the right order. Students have to read the text and the sentences and decide which sentence best fits each gap. This is a short story, The Open Boat.

B2 First

Gapped Text Reading 5

In the following text, six sentences or parts of sentences have been removed. Below the extract you will find the six removed sentences PLUS one sentence which doesn't fit. Choose from the sentences (A-G) the one which fits each gap (1-6). Remember, there is one extra sentence you do not need to use.

The Open Boat

  1. The four men in the boat could not see the sky.
  2. The captain's face was sad. He had lost his ship and many of his sailors.
  3. If it started blowing the other way, they would never reach land.
  4. The anger of the sea was no more to them than it was to a group of chickens a thousand miles away on land.
  5. They were like islands, bits of earth that did not move.
  6. He always spoke in a low voice and calmly.

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