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B2 First (FCE) >> Open Cloze Worksheets >> The second part of the Use of English paper in the First Certificate Examination is open cloze, in which students use one word to fill each space in a short text. The required words are usually grammatical, such as pronouns, articles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs and so on.

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Open Cloze Worksheet 10 - Answer Sheet

For each space, choose ONE word which you think best completes the sentence. Look carefully at the words both before and after each space.

1. He has had very short hair __SINCE__ his days in the army.

2. You will need to complete a Sales Agreement Form for Evaluation, or a "S.A.F.E." __AS__ we call them, before the close of business.

3. My aunt doesn't live far __AWAY__ and I get to visit her at least once a week.

4. I __PUT__ forward a good idea at the meeting but it was totally ignored!

5. I used to travel around garage sales looking for antiques which owners were selling cheap. I had a good __RATE__ of success as I used to read a lot of books about it.

6. London is a fantastic city, richer __IN__ parks and open spaces than just about any other city in the world.

7. This study will investigate __WHETHER/IF__ people who are left handed are more likely to have accidents in the home or not.

8. After visiting the cathedral, we will take half an hour in the riverside park so that you all have time __TO__ eat your lunch. Afterwards, we will catch the bus to the castle ruins. Premium

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