B2 First (FCE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the Use of English paper is Multiple Choice Cloze where students need to choose between similar words. Here is a series of worksheets for students to not only aim at getting the right word but think about why the other answers are not correct.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 26

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. She studied hard ___________ she could pass the test.

  1. but
  2. so
  3. and
  4. as

2. I can't believe we ___________ of milk again. We need to go to the store.

  1. looked forward
  2. gave up on
  3. ran out
  4. put on

3. ___________ the moment, she is busy working on her new project.

  1. At
  2. In
  3. On
  4. During

4. ___________ 500 people attended the concert last night.

  1. At the moment
  2. Besides
  3. Estimated
  4. As many as

5. I can't believe I ___________ my keys at home again!

  1. misplaced
  2. dropped
  3. hid
  4. left

6. She's planning to ___________ a new dress for the wedding next weekend.

  1. take advantage
  2. put on
  3. run out of
  4. go ahead

7. I prefer tea ___________ coffee in the mornings.

  1. to
  2. than
  3. over
  4. besides

8. He finally decided to ___________ and buy a new car.

  1. give up
  2. give back
  3. give in
  4. give away

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