B2 First (FCE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the Use of English paper is Multiple Choice Cloze where students need to choose between similar words. Here is a series of worksheets for students to not only aim at getting the right word but think about why the other answers are not correct.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 23

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. The unexpected costs ___________ their project by several months.

  1. set back
  2. sped up
  3. improved
  4. secured

2. She is kind and intelligent, but ___________ her honesty stands out.

  1. as much as
  2. in case of
  3. above all
  4. by contrast

3. They were able to ___________ their differences and reconcile their friendship.

  1. go ahead
  2. set up
  3. bring forward
  4. make up

4. I'm sorry I'm late. I ___________ track of time.

  1. lost
  2. missed
  3. skipped
  4. forgot

5. She ___________ her mind about going to the party at the last minute and decided to stay home instead.

  1. altered
  2. changed
  3. kept up
  4. mixed

6. He doesn't have ___________ siblings, so he's used to being alone.

  1. some
  2. many
  3. any
  4. few

7. She was late for work ___________ she missed her bus.

  1. but
  2. so
  3. or
  4. because

8. The event was cancelled ___________ the bad weather.

  1. in order to
  2. due to
  3. on the other hand
  4. in case

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