B2 First (FCE) >> Speaking >> Tests a student's ability to communicate effectively in face to face situations. A student will take the Speaking test with one or two other candidates.

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B2 First Certificate Speaking - Test One

Speaking Part One: Interview

2 minutes

Good morning/afternoon. My name is ________ and this is my colleague ________.
And your names are?
Can I have your mark sheets please?
Thank you.

Where are you from, (Candidate A)?
And you, (Candidate B)?

Select one or more questions from any of the following, as appropriate.

Your Country

Is there anything you would like to learn about your country?
Is there an interesting area of your country that you would like to visit?
Could you tell me something about the area where you grew up?


Do you use the internet to study English?
Can you remember your first English lessons?
What do you find most difficult about English?

Daily Life

How much time do you spend at home?
What’s your favourite food?
Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?

Speaking Part Two: Long Turn

4 minutes

In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question about your partner's photographs.

(Candidate A), it's your turn first. Here are your photographs.

They show people studying in different places.

I'd like you to compare the photographs, and say what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in each place.

[Candidate A speaks for about one minute.]

(Candidate B), where would you prefer to study?

[Candidate B speaks for about 30 seconds.]

studying 1
studying 2

Now, (Candidate B), here are your photographs.

They show different places you can have a meal.

I'd like you to compare the photographs, and say why people might enjoy having a meal in each place.

[Candidate B speaks for about one minute.]

(Candidate A), where would you prefer to have a meal?

[Candidate A speaks for about 30 seconds.]

eating 1
eating 2

Speaking Part Three: Collaborative Task

4 minutes

Now, I'd like you to talk about something together for about two minutes.

I'd like you to imagine some different problems a family can face while on holiday. Here are some different ideas.

First, you have some time to look at the task.

Now talk to each other about what particular problems could be caused by each of these situations.

Collaborative Task

Family Problems On Holiday

  • bad weather
  • delays at airport
  • lost passport
  • getting lost
  • falling ill

[Candidates talk for about 2 minutes]

Now, you have about a minute to decide which of these is the most serious problem.

Speaking Part Four: Discussion

4 minutes

Discussion Topics:

Use the following questions, as appropriate.

Do you prefer to go on holiday abroad or in your own country?

What, to you, is the difference between a traveller and a tourist?

Does a town or region always benefit from tourism?

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