C1 Advanced (CAE) >> Open Cloze Worksheets >> The second part of the Reading & Use of English paper in the C1 Advanced Examination is open cloze, in which students use one word to fill each space in a short text. The required words are usually grammatical, such as pronouns, articles, prepositions, auxiliary verbs and so on.

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Open Cloze Worksheet 31

For each space, choose ONE word which you think best completes the sentence. Look carefully at the words both before and after each space.

1. She gained a reputation ____________ the largest donor to the local charity.

2. The crowd of tourists slowly thinned ____________ as the day went on.

3. The delay was ____________ to unforeseen circumstances.

4. She asked her doctor ____________ much exercise she should be doing each week.

5. Meeting the author ____________ person at the book signing was a dream come true for many fans.

6. I didn't realise you had already tried that! In that ____________, we need to take a different approach to solve the problem.

7. ____________ don't we try a different approach to solve the problem?

8. Our team has been working on the project for months, but we're finally starting to see it all ____________ together.

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