C1 Advanced (CAE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the Reading & Use of English paper is Multiple Choice Cloze where students need to choose between similar words. Here is a series of worksheets for students to not only aim at getting the right word but think about why the other answers are not correct.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 8

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. We paid the lawyer to ___________ up a totally new will, one which left the three boys much better off.
a) draw
b) bring
c) sign
d) make

2. The ___________ time for making decisions is lunchtime.
a) fine
b) optimum
c) peak
d) maximum

3. The elderly patient was considered too ___________ to survive an operation.
a) tenuous
b) brittle
c) frail
d) insane

4. Last Sunday, the highest temperature in ___________ history was registered.
a) marked
b) accounted
c) noted
d) recorded

5. Milk is an important ___________ of calcium and vitamin D and is an important part of any diet.
a) source
b) ancestor
c) base
d) root

6. The customs officer was suspicious and called the man over to ___________ his luggage more closely.
a) inspect
b) view
c) gaze at
d) glimpse

7. Are these old plates of ___________ importance or can I put them into storage?
a) main
b) lively
c) vital
d) urgent

8. The humble bee, so often ___________ for granted, plays a key role in agriculture.
a) taken
b) collected
c) given
d) put

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