C1 Advanced (CAE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the Reading & Use of English paper is Multiple Choice Cloze where students need to choose between similar words. Here is a series of worksheets for students to not only aim at getting the right word but think about why the other answers are not correct.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 14

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. Scientists have ___________ a strange phenomenon in the atmosphere of Mars.
a) observed
b) inspected
c) watched
d) regarded

2. I owe my sisters a huge ___________ of gratitude for the way they've helped me out in recent years.
a) bill
b) debt
c) claim
d) liability

3. Before we ___________ under way, are there any questions you would like to ask me?
a) get
b) make
c) begin
d) come

4. She cried all through what was supposed to be a ___________ film about rabbits.
a) sarcastic
b) dreary
c) light-hearted
d) graceful

5. I ___________ believe him to be innocent of the crime.
a) steadily
b) powerfully
c) highly
d) firmly

6. After her computer was struck by a virus, she was unable to retrieve the accountant ___________ she needed.
a) cabinets
b) files
c) ranks
d) portfolios

7. A(n) ___________ military base in the desert is the setting for Al Abner's latest sci-fi novel.
a) neglected
b) dumped
c) abandoned
d) unfilled

8. I don't like it when newsreaders start giving their ___________ opinions about the news. That's not their job.
a) substantial
b) subjugated
c) subversive
d) subjective

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