C1 Advanced (CAE) >> Key Word Transformations Worksheets >> The fourth part of the English & Use of English paper in the C1 Advanced Examination is Key Word Transformations. A sentence followed by a key word and a second sentence which has a gap in it. A student has to use the key word to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.

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Key Word Transformations. Worksheet 16

You need to take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in bold so that the second sentence has exactly the same meaning. You cannot change the word in bold in ANY way. You can use between THREE and SIX words for each space. Remember, contractions such as I'm or shouldn't count as two words.

1. This old bridge will probably be demolished due to safety concerns.
This old bridge __________________________ due to safety concerns.

2. I'm just about to quit this job because it's too stressful.
I'm __________________________ this job up because it's too stressful.

3. I can't accept the way he treated me, John said.
John __________________________ been treated.

4. It was only when he apologised that she started talking to him again.
__________________________ did she start talking to him again.

5. Some people say that the company is exploiting its workers.
The company __________________________ its workers.

6. As soon as he arrived, he called me.
__________________________, he called me.

7. Someone took his wallet at the party.
He __________________________ by someone at the party.

8. Jane really needs to decide whether to take the job or not.
Itís high time Jane __________________________ whether to take the job or not.

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