Grammar Exercises - Elementary Level

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Present Simple (continued)

Charlie Parker 1 - Present Simple
Read this short paragraph about Charlie. Then complete the questions and answers below. This is the present simple. You may need up to 3 words to fill some spaces.
Exercise Number: 1G22

Forming Questions: Mary's Brother
Multiple choice exercise which helps practice the formation of questions in the present simple.
Exercise Number: 1G19

Letter Gap Fill
Sara writes a letter to Jackie - you just need to fill in the verbs in the present simple. Good practice of third person too.
Exercise Number: 1G35

There Is/Are

There Is/Are Error Correction
Choose if each sentence using there is/there are/it is correct or not.
Exercise Number: 1G33

'There Is' or 'There Are' Exercise
Choose there is or there are at the start of each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G51

'There Is' or "It Is" Exercise
Some students are confused by the difference between there is/are and it is. This exercise will help.
Exercise Number: 1G52

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Adjective Order
Are the adjectives in these sentences in the correct order or not?
Exercise Number: 1G34

Adjective or Adverb?
Choose either the adverb or adjective to fill each space.
Exercise Number: 1G113

Adjectives Into Adverbs
First, you change the adjectives into adverbs, then use the adverbs to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G148

Adjectives Error Correction Quiz
Look at how adjectives are being used in these sentences. Are they correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 1G114

Past Simple - To Be

Was/Were Exercise
Use either was or were in each space.
Exercise Number: 1G81

"To Be" Past and Present Exercise
Use the correct tense of the verb 'to be' to fill each space.
Exercise Number: 1G82

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"To Be" Past Exercise
Put the correct form of the verb "to be" in the past. Practice of negatives too.
Exercise Number: 1G83

'To Be' Past - Question Formation Exercise
Use the prompts to make sentences, adding the past of "to be" also.
Exercise Number: 1G84

'To Be' Past - Error Correction Quiz
Are these sentences using "to be" in the past correct or not?
Exercise Number: 1G120

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