Elementary Vocabulary Exercise: Verbs of Movement Gap Fill

Look at this list of movement verbs below. Choose the correct ones to put into the gaps for each question. You might need to change the form of the verb. i.e. walked, walks, walking, etc.

walk - jump - run - dance - jog - fly - swim - fall

  1. The disco was very full and it was hard to .
  2. I off the chair and broke my arm.
  3. It was a very hot day and we into the lake.
  4. The thief out of the shop and escaped in a car.
  5. I'm taking my dog for a in the park.
  6. I like in a pool but I don't like the sea very much.
  7. I for 5km every day after my doctor told me to do more exercise.
  8. Penguins are birds but they can't .

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