TOEFL Grammar: Negative Word Choice

Choose the word or words that best complete the sentence.

1. My sister ______.

    hasn't no money

    is having no money

    has no money

2. The yoga instructor speaks so quietly that ______.

    we can't hardly hear her

    we can never hardly hear her

    we can hardly hear her

3. I can't lend you my umbrella. ______, and I need it.

    I haven't but one

    I have but one

    I never haven't but one

4. His mother ______ started to speak, when he interrupted her.

    had barely

    hadn't barely

    didn't barely

5. No teacher ______ told me that I had potential.



    had never

6. Nobody ______ say that I don't work out every day.



    never can

7. The bakery is almost out of bread. There ______ only one loaf on the shelf.




8. They ______ leaflets to hand out.

    didn't have no more

    didn't have but one

    didn't have any more

9. We ______ stand the smell of the rotting fish.

    couldn't scarcely

    could scarcely

    could never scarcely

10. ______ eat with your mouth open.


    Never don't

    Don't not

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