TOEFL Grammar: Parallel Structures

Select the word or words that correctly complete the sentence.

1. In this climate, farmers grow stone fruits such as ______.

    peach, apricot, plum

    peaches, apricots, a plum

    peaches, apricots, and plums

2. They like feeding and brushing the dog, but they don't like ______.

    to walk it

    they walk it

    walking it

3. The legislation neither resolves the financial crisis nor ______ consumers.

    is helping


    has helped

4. The library offers not only books to read but also _____.

    computers to use


    using computers

5. One needs nothing else other than books, ______, and food.


    having a friend

    having friends

6. Lincoln was born in Kentucky and ______ in Illinois before he was elected President.

    was living


    had lived

7. Students must conduct their laboratory experiments accurately and ______.

    in a safe manner

    with safety


8. It takes one hour or more to drive to the city depending on weather and ______.


    how much traffic there is

    if traffic is heavy

9. For the blood test to be accurate, you must not eat or ______ after midnight.


    be drinking

    to drink

10. Running, walking, and ______ are my favorite forms of exercise.

    to dance

    to go dancing


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