StoryBoard - Text Reconstruction

Reconstruct a whole paragraph or story starting from ZERO!


  1. Each storyboard begins without any words - only a series of = signs.
  2. Look at the list of proper nouns that are used. These include people's names, places and so on.
  3. Guess common words first such as articles, pronouns and prepositions.
  4. the  an  a  my  his  I  at  on

  5. Try "grammar words" such as modal verbs, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs and negative/quantifier words.
  6. can  must  will  if  but  have  did  has  not  without  some  few

  7. Remember to capitalize words such as months of the year - and words at the beginning of sentences need capital letters too!
  8. You must also include apostrophes. "its" is not the same as "it's" so you need to try both.
  9. Speech marks are shown as << and >> symbols. For example: << Don't be late tonight,>> my mother said.
  10. Remember to try contractions: I'm, she'll, we've, he's, etc.
  11. Eventually, you will fill out enough of the text to see what it is about.

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The StoryBoards

Short Stories

StoryBoard One
Alice and Howard spend some time in Paris, France.

StoryBoard Two
Polar bears prepare for hibernation in the Arctic.

StoryBoard Three
My plans for the future after university.

StoryBoard Six
Sarah has an argument with her mother.

Long Stories

StoryBoard Four
Interview goes very badly!

StoryBoard Five
Little Red Riding Hood.

The Storyboard script on this site was written by:

Dennie Hoopingarner, Ph.D.
Director, Language Learning Center
Michigan State University

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