Interview with an Actress

A famous actress is interviewed about her recent work.

Listen to the mp3 file and choose the best answer for each question. Then listen again to check.

Right click here for the mp3 listening file.

1. What does Jenny say about the last six months of her life?
    She's been incredibly busy.
    She feels she doesn't belong in this showbiz world.
    She's had too much to learn.

2. Why does Jenny use the football metaphor when talking about the cast of her new movie?
    to show how hard they have all been working on the film.
    to give an idea of teamwork.
    to say something about the plot of the film.

3. And how does she view her role in the football team when asked?
    a minor, supporting role.
    the mother of the group.
    the serious one.

4. How did she find working with a famous actor on the film set?
    she was determined not to let it affect her work.
    she didn't find him very professional.
    she felt relaxed around him.

5. Why is Jenny happy that she will be New York in a month's time?
    she doesn't like working in Chicago.
    family commitments make things difficult for her.
    her husband and daughter don't like living in Chicago.

6. Why was Jenny criticized for her comments about Broadway?
    she shouldn't have criticized something she profits off herself.
    she was only repeating something she had previously stated.
    she was too aggressive in her comments about Broadway.

7. What was, and is, at the heart of Jenny's criticism of Broadway?
    she wants equal pay for women.
    there aren't enough women working on Broadway.
    women should be given as many top roles as men are.

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