Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Surfing The Net

Use one word from the box for each of the sentences about using the internet.

message board
antispam filter

  1. I was about to give somebody my account number over the phone when I realized it was a attempt to get my personal information.
  2. If you use an , your mailbox won't get so full of trash mail.
  3. Every morning, I have to empty my mailbox of unwanted . I've decided to open a new e-mail account and give the address only to the few friends who usually write to me.
  4. I signed up to that baseball website last weekend. I wanted to choose the "BabeRuth" but someone else had already chosen it. So I chose "BaseballJoe" instead.
  5. I don't know the answer to that question but if you have a little time later, go onto that cookery and ask there. Every time I have a question, I receive an answer within twenty minutes: there are so many knowledgeable people on that site.
  6. Be careful when you open attachments that come with e-mails because you might put a onto your computer, even if a friend sent you the e-mail.

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