Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Advertising Vocabulary

Choose the correct word from the table to fill the space after each definition.

market leader
market share
point of sale
market research
house brand
brand loyalty

  1. advertising at the place where the consumer buys the product
  2. the brand of the shop or supermarket which sells it
  3. the symbol or design used to represent the company
  4. the work of collecting information about people's buying habits
  5. the phenomenon of individuals continuing to buy the same brand
  6. something generic which a company makes or sells
  7. the particular name given to a product by a company
  8. the best selling brand of a particular product
  9. the activity of presenting, selling and promoting a product
  10. the activity of informing people about a product or service with posters, films etc
  11. the amount a company sells compared to all the other companies

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