Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Phrasal Verbs: Up and Down

Choose either up or down to complete these sentences.

  1. I didn't hear what you said. Speak a little.
  2. I don't trust him at all. Make sure everything is put in writing before signing.
  3. When you go to London for the meeting, please remember to bring the whole issue of pay cuts.
  4. The speed limit is only 50 mph along this road - slow a bit.
  5. Don't get so excited or you won't perform at your best. Calm !
  6. I can't believe you didn't back me in my argument with Mr. Daniels! I thought you were on my side.
  7. The bridge wasn't destroyed in the storm. The army blew it before leaving the city.
  8. Go to that policeman and ask him where we can find the museum.
  9. If we don't get this contract, we may have to sell and move to another town.
  10. If we break these figures into gender, you can see how women have been affected more by this policy.
  11. They are knocking the old hospital because they say it's in a dangerous condition.
  12. Three of the oldest trees were blown in the heavy winds last night.
  13. There is a lot of government help these days for anyone who wants to set their own business.

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