Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Verb Collocations 1

Choose the best adverb or adverbial phrase from the table below to go with the verbs and complete the sentences.

on impulse

1. I suggested he invest in the new company and he agreed with me.

2. My mum is normally very good with money, but the other day, she saw this wonderful vase and decided to buy it .

3. How can you claim that you deserved that promotion when you have only been here for six months?

4. I think the reasons for the government's defeat at tonight's election will be debated for many years.

5. Bob escaped serious injury when his car caught fire. Luckily, he wasn't wearing his seat belt and got out of the car in seconds.

6. I think I must have offended Elena at some point as she greeted me very when I saw her this morning.

7. I can't hear what they are saying very but I think she asked him for a divorce!

8. Did you not hear what I said or are you just ignoring me?

9. Everyone jumped when, just before midnight, someone knocked at the door.

10. Police today said they were shocked not only by the attack on the metro but by the fact that the other passengers in the carriage looked on without trying to help.

11. We packed for the trip and both of us forgot our passports!

12. The composition is good Stephen, but I feel you have quoted too from the original work. You need to write more yourself.

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