Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Noun Collocations 2

Choose the best verb or adjective from the table below to go with the nouns and complete the sentences.

stamp out

1. If the local council permission, building work can begin immediately.

2. The child came from a very background and many of his problems at school could be understood.

3. Police said they were surprised that the bank robbers allowed themselves to be on camera during the robbery.

4. Modern houses today are filled with devices such as the washing machine and food mixers.

5. With recent opinion polls showing the government doing well, many expect them to a quick election.

6. After the release of her first record, she achieved fame and her life was never the same again.

7. His life has been a mix of personal misery and huge business success. All in all, he can be said to have a very history.

8. Trying to keep up with the constant changes and irregularities in a language can be difficult for both students and native speakers.

9. There is no way you can quit your job just because you don't like getting up early!! That is nonsense!

10. If we want to this post by the start of the month, we have to start advertising immediately.

11. Despite many attempts to racism in the workplace, it still exists unfortunately.

12. The international community sanctions on South Africa in the 1980s in an attempt to bring about political change.

13. The industrial revolution began in Britain and caused great upheaval, especially in the form of urbanization.

14. One of my favourite sounds of summer is the sound as waves on the beach.

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