Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Color Idioms

Choose the correct color idiom from the table to fill the space in each sentence. You may need to make some changes to the idioms to put them in the sentences correctly.

see red
green with envy
rose colored spectacles
tickled pink
black sheep of the family
caught red handed
blue-eyed boy
browned off
out of the blue
in the red
the green light
have green fingers
black market
white lie

1. We had been getting along fine for years, then she tells me she wants a divorce. I have never been so surprised in all my life.

2. I cannot afford to go on that holiday anymore. My bank account is and my bank manager isn't the most flexible of people.

3. Police have found the town's infamous statue vandal. He was spraying paint on the statue of the town founder, Marshall Higgins, at about 2am last night.

4. Howard is always considered the but he has never actually done much wrong. I think his sister is worse!

5. I, on the other hand, have always been considered the and my mother thinks I can't do wrong!

6. When the man continued to smoke in the restaurant which is very much non-smoking, I and said something to him. He stopped immediately!

7. If you tell your father that you got the money off a friend, it's not being very dishonest, is it? It would just be a .

8. We got five numbers on the lottery last night and won $5000! Wayne is absolutely , saying we can get the new car now instead of waiting for next year.

9. We told our neighbours about it this morning and I think they were a bit jealous. Mrs. Riley, in particular, was !

10. When we arrived at this house, it was a jungle in the garden but Peter has always and had it looking like the gardens of a palace within six months.

11. The final details of the proposal have been worked out and we just need from the bank before we can begin.

12. It rained for the whole week and we were stuck in our cabin the whole time doing crosswords! I was really !

13. The reason she fails to plan for the worst case scenario is that she has always been too optimistic and never sees the possibility of the negative happening through those she wears.

14. The normal price for a ticket for the championship final is about $50 but they are selling for more than $400 on the .

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