Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Words as Nouns and Verbs Gap Fill Exercise 2

Many English words can be used as both nouns and verbs. Choose the best word for each sentence. You may need to conjugate the verbs.

bridge - conduct - house - raise - soil

  1. Mr. Brown is thinking about quitting his job if he doesn't get a this year.
  2. My cousin got a good medal from the army.
  3. We are hoping our son gets a scholarship to the gap between our savings and the cost of college tuition.
  4. The state of Iowa has a good climate and good for growing corn.
  5. I my clothes cleaning the garage.
  6. They are going to build a new across the river.
  7. That picture is hanging too low; I'm going to it about an inch.
  8. That apartment is not large enough to sixteen people.
  9. Who that orchestra last year?
  10. How many bedrooms does the have?

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