Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Emotions & Attitudes Gap Fill

These adjectives all describe emotions or attitudes. Choose the best one for each sentence.

complacent - confident - dejected - ecstatic - embarrassed - frustrated - perplexed - receptive - relieved - remorseful

  1. The key didn't fit, and we were in our attempt to unlock the door.
  2. The lady was when she realized that she had forgotten to wear her dentures when she went shopping.
  3. The murderer seemed to be truly when he saw the victim's family.
  4. The fans were when their team won the championship game.
  5. I was by one of the clues in the crossword puzzle.
  6. Patty was after her best friend moved away.
  7. I was very upset when I lost my keys, and I felt so when I found them.
  8. John had studied hard, and he was that he would do well on the exam.
  9. The coach was afraid that his team would become after winning six games in a row.
  10. The committee seemed to be very to our suggestions.

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