'Getting Smaller' Gap Fill Quiz

These words have similar meanings, with the idea of '(getting) smaller' or 'disappearing'. Choose the best one for each sentence, using the correct verb form.

abridge - contract - fall - lose - lower - recede - reduce - shrink - subside - subtract

  1. The price is 20% for the sale.
  2. The children are learning to add and .
  3. You need to your expectations.
  4. He is afraid he might get bald because he has a hairline.
  5. After an hour, the fury of the storm had .
  6. The stock market yesterday.
  7. The doctor says that I have to some weight.
  8. Metals expand when they are heated and when they are cooled.
  9. I already read the version of that book.
  10. That sweater might if you wash it in hot water.

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