Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: 'Pre' Words Gap Fill

Choose the best word for each sentence.

precaution - precinct - precursor - predicament - prediction - preface - preference - premonition - preparation - prerequisite

  1. It probably won't rain, but I'm taking an umbrella just as a .
  2. The propeller plane was a of the jet plane.
  3. One semester of physics is a for this class.
  4. I had a that something was going to go wrong.
  5. Do you have a for morning or afternoon for your appointment?
  6. We had a lot of to do for this event.
  7. The fortune teller's did not come true.
  8. In the the author explained his reasons for writing the book.
  9. This of the city votes at the city hall.
  10. I don't know what to do. I'm in a terrible .

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