Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Talking Verbs Gap Fill

Choose the best talk-related word for each sentence.

chatted - exclaimed - explained - heckled - muttered - objected - related - scolded - warned - whispered

  1. We won! We won! she .
  2. The ranger at Yellowstone Park us, "Don't try to pet the grizzly bear cubs, no matter how cute they look."
  3. Who made her the boss? he under his breath.
  4. The Martha to her brother, "Don't tell Mom about the surprise we have for her."
  5. The teacher the lesson to the students.
  6. Tom all the events that happened while he was lost in the woods.
  7. Sue with Pamela for a few minutes when they met at the store.
  8. Some of the members to one of the new rules.
  9. The mother her children for not picking up their toys.
  10. The audience the entertainer because they didn't like his performance.

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