Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Adverb Gap Fill

For each sentence, choose the adverb that fits best.

actually - cheerfully - conscientiously - convincingly - gleefully - happily - precariously - recklessly - stealthily - wordlessly

  1. If you drive , you might have an accident.
  2. The car ran off the road and stopped close to a cliff.
  3. Cinderella married the prince, and they lived ever after.
  4. Although the family didn't have very much themselves, they shared with those who were in need.
  5. The children laughed and shouted when the clowns came in.
  6. I was just about to call you myself.
  7. She just looked down and nodded .
  8. The robber sneaked into the house.
  9. He paid all his bills on time.
  10. The salesman spoke very about the merits of the product.

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