Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: Similar Words 2 - Matching

Match the words on the right with the sentences on the left.

For each question, write in the space ONLY the correct number to match with the question number on the left. Example: if you think the first question on the right goes with number 7 on the left, write "7" in the first space.

1. Three houses in the area were struck by ___ in the storm.
2. There's a storm coming. Look how much the ___ has fallen.
3. I paint, but rarely on ___. I prefer wood.
4. After an ___ day in the kitchen, everything was ready for the party.
5. I bought a special kitchen ___ which lets me measure the temperature of the meat.
6. By ___ the load on the truck, they got it under the bridge.
7. We're in the area today to ___ for votes to stop them building the new highway.
8. Investigators conducted an ___ search for evidence of fraud in the company, but found nothing.

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