Advanced Vocabulary Exercise: That's Not A Noun!

Look at the list of verbs in the box below. They are also all, incredibly, nouns. Try to select the correct ones to fill the spaces


1. The very tight election was only decided after the fifth when the challenger accepted defeat by only 38 votes.

2. I had hoped the sore muscle was just a strain but the physio confirmed that it was a .

3. A touchdown in American football is the equivalent to a in rugby.

4. Our company was really helped when we managed to get a at the local trade fair.

5. There is a in the room. It has been buzzing around annoying me for more than an hour.

6. It is illegal to put any type of pressurised gas container in luggage which will be put into the of an aircraft.

7. After lunch, I went for a in the lake, but the water was too cold.

8. We had a recruitment at my local sailing club and eventually signed up more than twenty new members.

9. You need hardly any of that lotion on your hands - just a .

10. Getting to the summit from where we had started in the morning involved a of about 8000 feet in total.

11. Shakespeare wrote over twenty in his writing career.

12. Can I have a on your motorbike if I promise to be really careful?

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