Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: American or British English?

For each person, simply write "US" (American) or "UK" (British) in the small box below each sentence.

1. The elevator in my apartment building is broke again.

2. The faucet in the kitchen is dripping again.

3. I have to put another few gallons of gas into my Chevy.

4. I'm going to McDonalds to get some chips and a burger.

5. I hate people who park their bikes on the pavement.

6. This semester, I have completed all but one of my assignments.

7. Last vacation, we went on a great tour of Europe.

8. The stores will all be closed for Labor Day.

9. That motorway must be the busiest in the area.

10. The line outside the music store was huge.

11. There's rubbish been dropped all over the park. Terrible!

12. The mailman is really late this morning!

13. I think Graham is listening to his new ZZ Top CD in the den.

14. I only paid six pounds for this new cricket bat.

15. If you tow your caravan through the town centre, you will get fined.

16. I avoid the interstates at this time - too many trucks.

17. You can't touch the ball with your hands in football. That's why it's called football.

18. All the ploughs queued up in defence of the aluminium factory.

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