Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Get, Make, Have or Do

Use either "get", "make", "have" or "do" in these sentences. Make sure you choose the correct tense too.

1. I don't what you're saying. Can you explain it all again?

2. John accepted for a job in the software company. He's so happy.

3. If you your best, nobody can ask anything more of you.

4. How did this vase broken? Your mother will be furious.

5. After an hour in the gym, I a shower and came straight home.

6. Somebody me wear this awful hat. I didn't want to!

7. This is an old photo and it's in terrible condition. I can't out what's happening.

8. Go and that old watch of mine. I need to check something.

9. The final performer top marks and won the competition.

10. Why did you tell everyone I didn't like Jane? I like her - it's her mother I don't like!

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