Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Crime Vocabulary 1

Look at the definitions of different crimes and put the correct number of the definition in each box.

1. burglary
2. robbery
3. shoplifting
4. bribery
5. mugging
6. murder
7. vandalism
8. blackmail
9. hijacking
10. forgery

  1. paying someone for favors, often a government official.
  2. making someone pay you because you have a secret about them.
  3. stealing things from a shop.
  4. taking control of a form of transport, usually for political reasons.
  5. damaging or destroying property for no particular reason.
  6. physically attacking somebody and stealing from them.
  7. copying something to make it seem like the original.
  8. intentionally killing somebody.
  9. entering somebody's home and stealing their things.
  10. stealing money from a bank, post office or shop.

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