Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Internet Vocabulary

With the internet gaining ever increasing importance in today's world, here is a vocabulary matching exercise to help you with English terminology. Put the correct word from the box after each definition.

search engine
search term

  1. money you must pay to access some sites -
  2. wide, rectangular advert on top of many sites -
  3. take a file from internet and put onto your computer -
  4. program your computer uses to see internet, e.g. Internet Explorer -
  5. small advert which jumps up above the page you are reading -
  6. an amount of information. An average web page is about 20 -
  7. the words you type in when looking on a search engine -
  8. a web site which acts like the centre of many other services like news, e-mail, shops. e.g. Yahoo -
  9. web site you can use to find other web sites relevant to your interests -
  10. the address of a web site. e.g. -
  11. small file that sites put onto your PC with information about your visits to their sites from the past -
  12. machine that connects your computer to the net via the telephone -

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