Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: 'Must' and 'Have To' Vocabulary

Look at these sentences using "have to" and "must". Fill in the missing words from the list.

permit - limit - cells - diet - conference - visa - retirement - closet

  1. When you go to many countries, you have to have your passport and also a .
  2. You have to stay under the speed or the police will stop you.
  3. If you want to lose weight, you will have to go on a .
  4. I must get Cheryl a present before the party next week.
  5. Because of new security measures, the prisoners had to stay in their all day.
  6. I mustn't be late for the in Paris next week. My boss is counting on me!
  7. Barbara, you must clean out your . Your clothes are everywhere!
  8. All visitors must show their guest to the security guard.

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