Elementary Vocabulary Exercise: Elementary Vocabulary Gap Fill Exercise 7

Put the following words into the correct gap in each sentence. You may have to change the form of the word (plurals, third person, etc)

to shake
to act

  1. I in the school play last year. I played the owner of the hotel.
  2. There's a big wooden that separates the two gardens.
  3. The dog is covered in again. He should stay in the garden.
  4. Don't that parcel, there are glasses inside!
  5. I want to have a quick before we go out. Do you have any shampoo?
  6. Let me finish reading this and then we can go to bed.
  7. Give me another for the bed. It's freezing tonight!
  8. We went camping in Scotland in the summer but the wind destroyed our on the first night.

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