TOEFL Vocabulary: Definition Matching Exercise 2

Match the definition on the left with the correct word on the right.

For each question, write in the space ONLY the correct number to match with the question number on the left. Example: if you think the first question on the right goes with number 7 on the left, write "7" in the first space.

1. A ridiculous and complete failure.
2. Of or relating to school or academy; theoretical or hypothetical; not directly useful; having no practical implications.
3. An indirect intimation about a person or thing (usually derogatory or disparaging).
4. Very dry, barren or unproductive because of lack of moisture.
5. A departure or emigration usually of a large number of people.
6. To deprive and leave desolate especially by the death and loss of a loved one.
7. An ill-tempered, loud-voiced scolding woman.
8. Large and unwieldy, too big, hard to carry

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