Advanced Reading Exercise

Headline English

Put each of the headlines with a sentence from the story below. Write only the correct letter (A-J) after each headline.

A. Rev. Parsley, worried about falling church attendance figures, came up with the idea after watching a programme on British TV whilst on vacation there.
B. The UN official, who declined to be named, said the money would not have to be paid if the kingdom came into line with the rest of the nations.
C. The weather is not forecast to improve over the next few days which will only make the rescuers' task even more difficult.
D. A getaway vehicle was found burnt out in an alleyway some six miles across town from where the bank was held up.
E. The government is believed to have been surprised at the rise in unemployment figures and this could explain the shortfall in funds.
F. The trawler got into trouble off Sri Lanka as waves as high as 20 feet threatened to engulf the vessel.
G. If agreed, the agreement would see a huge increase in Asian imports into the American market and this has worried some politicians.
H. Increased competition from the Far East has also led to lower profits and job losses have been on the cards since the spring.
I. Not only are people worried about inflation but the latest interest rates rise has also caused less movement on the property market than is usual for this time of year.
J. Added to this are the effects of the recently signed trade treaty with Europe which many struggling companies had called for.

1. Cops Hunt 4 After $5m Heist  

2. US Said To Be Against Trade Deal  

3. UN Offers Hope On Saudi Fine  

4. Brighter News On Job Front  

5. Thousand To Go At Auto Plant  

6. Fall In Aid To Jobless  

7. Call To Altar Falls Flat  

8. Indian Crew Plucked From Waves  

9. 5 Die In Floods, Landslide  

10. Unease Causes House Price Wobble  

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